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Our Foundation for Children, Inc. (OFC) was established in 2001 and became a non-profit incorporated "Family Preservation Service". The purpose of the organization is to expand and include service for the youth of Mecklenburg County and other Counties. Our mission rests on four cornerstones: The Family, Community, Education, and Culture. The Foundation promotes physical, intellectual, and moral development of children by providing them with a safe and challenging atmosphere in which to grow. The Foundation is dedicated to the development of the child in the context of family and community. Through the experiences to which our children will be exposed, we instill in them a hunger for knowledge, respect for themselves and others, discipline, and the skills necessary to identify and fulfill their personal goals. We are committed to improving the quality of life for all participants and preserving our neighborhoods, by ensuring that participants are able to access and utilize the available social and economic services and support systems.

We support families and serve children and adults living with disabilities or developmental delays. More than ever before many of Youth are in emergency mode and trying to survive in a hostile environment. OFC is attempting to provide solutions to the systematic causes that impair the positive transition of youths to responsible adults. The Foundation's programs, Building Blocks to Adulthood, The RightStart Initiatives and the Spirit of Giving, predicates on the principles of commitment and priorities, which define human possibilities, and a value system of high standards of excellence. OFC believes that the family is the basic building block of society. With this in mind, OFC is working to ensure that youth survive and rise to the level they are capable of achieving.



The Right Start Initiative
Sat, August 19th 2017
10am - 3pm
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Our Foundation for Children

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