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What We Offer...

•General Education

•Counseling Services



•Computer Literacy

•Summer Programs

•Baby Sitting Services

•Tennis Lessons (Given by a professional trainer)


•Sex Education/Aids prevention Education

•Diversity & Conflict Training

•Counseling Services

•Body and Grooming

•Health and Nutrition

•Multicultural Activities

•Character and Leadership

•Career Exploration and Development

•Specialized Programs

•Health and Life skills

•Musical Instruments

•We SPONSOR Teachers!


Mentors are always needed and donations are always accepted!

Our Mission


Our Mission rests on four cornerstones: The Family, Community, Education, and Culture. The Foundation promotes intellectual, physical and moral development of children by providing them with a safe and challenging atmosphere in which to grow. The Foundation is dedicated to the development of the child in the context of family and community. Through the experiences to which our children will be exposed, we instill in them a hunger for knowledge, respect for themselves and others, discipline, and the skills necessary to identify and fulfill their personal goals. We also support families and serve children and adults living with disabilities or developmental delays.

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Our Foundation for Children

Make A Donation To The Foundation Today To Support Children And Families In Need!

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